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What does Saints' Cam Jordan do for Thanksgiving?

A glimpse into Thanksgiving plans for one of the league's best pass rushers.

NFL: Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Cameron Jordan has been a terror getting after the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints this season. While it may not always register in the sack column, it does show up on game film, pressures, and hits. He's playing at an elite level, and is a big reason the defense is making a big turnaround.

Football will be on the national stage almost all day for Thanksgiving, so players tend to indugle. What do players like Jordan do? Well, our SBNation hub caught up with him to get a few tidbits you might enjoy.

His Thanksgiving Plans: "My siblings and niece are all flying in from Arizona. It's going to be two types of turkey, lots of familia and with signature side dishes to along."

Most Thankful For: "I'm most thankful for my family, ever expanding, the newest addition to the family, my daughter Glory J. The rising of the next generation in my son Tank and my niece Sarai or as I like to call her Siracha. And always thankful for my family being in good health!"

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: "My favorite thanksgiving dish since I've been calling New Orleans home has got to be the stuffed bell peppers or the seafood gumbo. But has always a steadfast of a good thanksgiving feast is the mac and cheese."

Happy Thanksgiving!