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Who Does Saints QB Drew Brees’ Contract Really Benefit

Most of us were happy a deal was finally done and the team could move on. Looking back on this season as well as the past few, let examine who really benefits from the void clause.

Denver Broncos v New Orleans Saints
Still cringe when I see Drew stick his tongue out like that.
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

First let’s take a closer look at the extension itself. Team friendly is what it looked like at first but I’ve got a different spin on things. Drew Brees has 44 mil guaranteed. For a 5 year extension that doesn’t sound bad. But the contract voids in 2 years, has no trade and no tag clauses in it. Team friendly in that it freed up much needed cap space, abet a little late in free agency. In typical Mickey Loomis fashion it pushes a ton of dead money down the line. Our cap space constraint freedom may be very short lived indeed.

I would argue this was a very favorable deal for Mr. Brees. While professing his love for the city, state, and team, the Saints’ defensive woes have wasted a large part of Drew’s impressive career. I think both Drew and his agent Tom Condon realize this and drew up (no pun intended) this deal with that in mind. The Saints basically have this season and next to utilize their future HOF QB, and much of this season is already wasted. Yes, I am amazed how much the defense has improved in the last 5 games. And yet special teams has already pushed any potential playoff hope margins into very narrow territory.

Despite all the Great Decline Theorist rantings, our favorite all time quarterback continues to put up historic numbers at a never ending, record breaking, pace. Decline my big ever loving backside! I sincerely hope the defense both this season and next continues to improve and that we have found the answer to our ST woes with the new assistant coach hire, because otherwise I see no reason for Drew Brees to make a new deal in 2018. And don’t kid yourselves, barring an awful injury or “true” great decline, some team will be happy to compete for his services in 2018. The window is narrowing for both Brees and the Saints to win another Lombardi together and I think this season and the next will be a final test of Drew’s willingness to ride off into that fabled sunset together.

Be a true shame also, because I have high hopes for this young offense going forward. (With Drew at the helm anyway). The O-line, despite my offseason worries has truly amazed me, as well young rookie Michael Thomas. Another good or great draft and this team could be a true contender. Looking forward to 2017, watching and hoping, to see if it will be enough. Because! If not! Thank you for your service Drew Brees.