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Saints’ Drew Brees missing from midseason league MVP talk

It’s tough to find Drew Brees in the MVP conversation from various outlets’ opinions and awards.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple outlets have handed out their midseason awards and player predictions for the back half of the year, and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is all but absent from consideration. The likely candidates are as you’d expect.

The Ringer went with Derek Carr, Matt Ryan, and Tom Brady (who’s played a whopping four games, mind you) as their first-half MVPs. ESPN’s MVP vote on Facebook has those three with the addition of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, and lists a ton of Tom Brady with Ryan, Carr, and Russell Wilson sprinkled in.

Why is Drew Brees getting snubbed here? That’s a logical question Saints fans may be asking themselves. Brees has shown absolutely no signs of aging or decline, despite the radical claims and beliefs that have presented themselves over the past few years. In fact, he’s still a Top-5 player in virtually every quarterback statistic this season.

Drew Brees’ 2016 Resume

  • Passing Yards - 2,366 (3rd)
  • Completions - 214 (T-2nd)
  • Completion Percentage - 69.5 (2nd)
  • Long - 98 yards (1st)
  • Touchdown passes - 18 (2nd)
  • Rating - 104.7 (3rd)
  • Yards/Game - 338 (1st)

The only thing not in Brees’ favor is yards per attempt, where he’s ranked 7th in the NFL with 7.68 yards/attempt. Brees also has five interceptions on the season, as compared to Ryan’s four, Carr’s three, and Brady’s zero.

So, what’s the real problem? It’d likely be the 3-4 Saints record that mars and tarnishes Brees’ chances right now. All three teams with the aforementioned quarterbacks are all over .500 and are on top of their respective divisions. Until the Saints can turn their team into proven winners, it looks like Brees (who has also played one less game than Ryan and Carr) will continue to be overlooked as shameful as it is.