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Saints are 4-4 and in the NFC South Race: Podcast

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The Saints are 4-4 and officially in the race in the craptastic NFC South! Ralph wonders if the Saints ran the ball enough, even though they had 248 yards. Dave's boyfriend, Mark Ingram, out here BALLING. Can Ingram get to 1,000 yards?

Kevin wants Drew Brees to get some MVP respect RIGHT NOW GODDAMNIT. Is Michael Thomas a wizard? Why don't more teams go 'The Full Browner' like 49ers did at end of the half? Andrew explain how the defense was really bad, even in the second half where they only allowed 3 points, but Ralph gives reason for hope.

Do Saints have buyers remorse on Coby Fleener? Is the pass rush getting worse? Jairus Byrd is NOT COMPLETELY USELESS! First half season awards! Should Sean Payton rest Terron Armstead vs. Denver so he can play Thursday in Carolina?

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language