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NFL Weeks 9 Power Rankings

Saints take a bit of a leap.

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

1. New England Patriots (Last Week: #1, -) - The Patriots continue to be the class of the NFL. Tom Brady is still a favorite for MVP.

2. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: #2, -) - If the Patriots are the class of the NFL, the Cowboys are the class of the NFC. They have the 1a and 1b favorites to win Rookie of the Year.

3. Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: #3, -) - Aside from Tom Brady, Falcons QB Matt Ryan is another MVP-favorite. The Falcons were able to avenge a Week 1 loss with a statement win over Tampa Bay.

4. Oakland Raiders (Last Week: #4, -) - The Raiders look like the team to beat in the AFC West right now, which might be the strongest division top to bottom.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: #5, -) - The Chiefs were able to hold on to a win against Jacksonville without their starting QB. A defense that created a bunch of turnovers in the game didn’t hurt either.

6. Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: #7, +1) - Seattle was another team that was able to hold on for a win, with a similar situation (but opposite result) of their game the week before against New Orleans.

7. New York Giants (Last Week: #14, +7) - The Giants defense is playing surprisingly well, which is good considering Eli Manning has underperformed compared to his own standards.

8. Washington Redskins (Last Week: #10, +2) - The Redskins were on a Bye, but move up two spots because of the loss of other teams above them.

9. Denver Broncos (Last Week: #6, -3) - The Broncos offense is shaky at best, and unless their defense can do all of the scoring, it won’t be long before QB Paxton Lynch gets handed the starting job full time.

10. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: #9, -1) - Minnesota is ranked this high because of the record they were able to build in the start of the season, but they are definitely trending downward.

11. Houston Texans (Last Week: #11, -) - The Texans stay put on a Bye.

12. New Orleans Saints (Last Week: #15, +3) - Good teams beat the teams they’re supposed to beat, and the Saints did just that in San Francisco.

13. Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: #17, +4) - Baltimore’s defense was able to ruin Ben Roethlisberger’s return to action, which is no small feat.

14. Detroit Lions (Last Week: #18, +4) - The Lions are a tough team to figure out right now. If they can string together consistent performances one way or the other, it would help clarify the picture in the NFC North.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: #12, -3) - Big Ben historically has a tough time in Baltimore, so maybe this was just an anomaly rather than a sign of things to come. A big showdown with the Dallas Cowboys is next, so we’ll really get to see what the Steelers are made of and if Ben is fully healthy.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: #8, -8) - It looks like the fairy tale of Carson Wentz’s rookie season is over. Now crashed back to reality, Wentz needs to figure out how to stop throwing the ball to opposing defenses.

17. San Diego Chargers (Last Week: #21, +4) - The Chiefs needed to win to keep pace in the tight AFC West, and they were able to do just that.

18. Miami Dolphins (Last Week: #22, +4) - RB Jay Ajayi was finally able to get going in the game against a tough Jets defense. Miami just might have found their building block of the future on offense.

19. Buffalo Bills (Last Week: #16, -3) - The Bills were close to upsetting Seattle, and if or when WR Sammy Watkins is able to return, this offense should be able to make some noise.

20. Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: #13, -7) - It seems harsh, but the Bengals tumble on a Bye, solely because of a bunch of teams directly under them winning their games.

21. Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: #25, +4) - If Andrew Luck can finally start having consistent performances, this team might eventually meet preseason expectations. The weapons around Luck this year are fine, it’s just been the QB’s lack of hitting his targets.

22. Carolina Panthers (Last Week: #23, +1) - The Panthers beat the lowly rams by a field goal.

23. Green Bay Packers (Last Week: #20, -3) - In a contest between two of the most disappointing offenses thus far, the Packers lost at home to Indy. I still don’t know what’s wrong with this offense.

24. Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: #24, -) - Arizona remains in place in their Bye week.

25. New York Jets (Last Week: #19, -6) - The Jets were never out of the game, but the QB issues moving forward help push New York down a little further.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: #30, +4) - Allen Robinson almost willed his team to victory in an upset against the Chiefs, but it takes Blake Bortles to bust out of his slump before this offense can reach its full potential.

27. Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: #26, -1) - The Rams need to make a change at QB, and it needs to happen soon. Jared Goff can learn on the job, but the first overall pick in last year’s draft has got to step in.

28. Tennessee Titans (Last Week: #28, -) - The Titans were able to give the Chargers everything San Diego could handle, but Marcus Mariota had too many turnovers to get his team the win.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: #27, -2) - Tampa’s home woes continue as the Bucs got embarrassed by the Falcons.

30. Chicago Bears (Last Week: #29, -1) - Another Bye team.

31. San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: #31, -) - San Francisco is a dumpster fire of a team right now. Jim Harbaugh should be thanking his stars he’s gone.

32. Cleveland Browns (Last Week: #32, -) - Cleveland at times seems more competitive than San Francisco in their games, but because the Browns are winless, they stay here.