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Saints Offense Craps Pants Again in Tampa, Time to Tank with Style: Podcast

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The boys discuss the Saints' latest meltdown. Dave is SALTY about the Christmas Eve game getting moved to 3:30pm. The Saints are bad and boring. Ralph thinks they are borderline unwatchable.

Now that Jeff Fisher got the boot, is Sean Payton officially the coach who goes 7-9 every year, never gets fired, and the internet laughs at? As for Tampa Bay game, the offense continued its sucking since midway point of the year. Saints have scored over 23 points one time since 49ers game.

What's wrong with OL? Is it just Max Unger being out? Do the Saints have a running back problem? Is Drew Brees in decline? How the hell did Saints allow only 16 points without Vaccaro and Robertson and Breaux? What has to happen for drastic moves to get made?

Plus, Cardinals predictions and Twitter questions.

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language