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Week 15 Power Rankings

New Orleans moves up, but remains in the bottom third.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

1. New England Patriots (Last Week: #1, -) - Tom Brady, at age 39, said he wants to play for another 3-4 years. Yeah, we have no reason to think that couldn’t happen at this point.

2. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: #2, -) – Rookie QB Dak Prescott had a nice bounce-back game with a solid performance against Tampa Bay. Dallas looks to get back on a roll to end the season.

3. Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: #4, +1) – No Julio Jones? No problem. The Falcons offense kept rolling and the Falcons have their eyes set on the #2 seed in the NFC.

4. Oakland Raiders (Last Week: #5, +1) – In an AFC West showdown, the Raiders were able to come out on top and look to take back control of the division.

5. Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: #6, +1) – In recent history, the Los Angeles Rams have had Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ number. Not any more. Seattle put a beating on their division opponent.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: #3, -3) – In what was surely the upset of the week, Kansas City dropped an important game to Tennessee. The Chiefs look destined for a playoff spot in the AFC, it’ll just be a matter of seeding.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: #7, -) – Pittsburgh was able to do just enough to get the win, and this time it didn’t take RB Le’Veon Bell having a monster game.

8. New York Giants (Last Week: #9, +1) – After the Lions looked so good in recent weeks, they looked absolutely pedestrian against the Giants.

9. Detroit Lions (Last Week: #8, -1) – Speaking of, the Lions better watch out for the Packers right on their tail.

10. Miami Dolphins (Last Week: #11, +1) – The Fins were able to pull away in the second half and their playoff chances are still alive and well this late into the season.

11. Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: #14, +3) – In a battle of the birds, the Ravens were able to come out ahead. Critics can’t agree on whether or not QB Joe Flacco is “elite” or not, but one thing that is undisputed: Steve Smith Sr. is still a threat, even at this point in his career.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: #10, -2) – Tampa Bay’s momentum came to a screeching halt against the Dallas Cowboys and Jameis Winston was responsible for four turnovers in the game.

13. Washington Redskins (Last Week: #12, -1) – TE Jordan Reed let his injury and competitiveness get into his head, leading to his eventual ejection on Monday Night Football.

14. Green Bay Packers (Last Week: #17, +3) – Aaron Rodgers was able to save his team’s season with a late, great throw to steal a win against the Bears in Chicago.

15. Buffalo Bills (Last Week: #16, +1) – Buffalo handily beat Cleveland, but there are still murmurs of the Bills making a head coaching change.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: #13, -3) – A.J. Green’s absence has been clearly felt in Cincinnati as QB Andy Dalton is not good enough to carry a receiving corps.

17. Houston Texans (Last Week: #19, -2) – It’s now the Tom Savage show in Houston as the fans cheered loudly at Brock Osweiller’s benching. Still, Savage was able to get his team the win against the Jaguars.

18. Denver Broncos (Last Week: #15, -3) – Denver keeps slipping as their offense cannot make anything happen right now.

19. Tennessee Titans (Last Week: #21, +2) – An impressive win over Kansas City moves Tennessee up the rankings, but they still have a long way to go. RB Derrick Henry might have just seen the launching point of his career last week.

20. Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: #22, +2) – Indy’s defense looked great against a poor Minnesota offense that saw the return of Adrian Peterson. Even with All-Day back in action, the Colts were still able keep Minnesota out of the endzone.

21. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: #18, -3) – Speaking of Minnesota, it looks like the Vikings have finally realized they weren’t supposed to be a good team, and are finally playing like it.

22. New Orleans Saints (Last Week: #24, +2) – New Orleans was able to show again that defense is optional when you have Drew Brees at quarterback.

23. Carolina Panthers (Last Week: #23, -) – Carolina won, but so did the teams above them. This has overall been a disappointing season for the defending NFC Champions.

24. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: #20, -4) – The league has finally caught up to Carson Wentz and the Eagles, but Philly has a bright future ahead of them.

25. Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: #25, -) – Carson Palmer looks to be playing his way right out of Arizona.

26. San Diego Chargers (Last Week: #26, -) – San Diego never really had a chance in their division, but they’re falling deeper as the season progresses.

27. New York Jets (Last Week: #27, -) – RB Bilal Powell had a big game. There’s that.

28. Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: #28, -) – It turns out Los Angeles’s “middle school offense” didn’t improve with the firing of Head Coach Jeff Fisher.

29. Chicago Bears (Last Week: #29, -) – Chicago was able to keep the game close for a while, but a win just wasn’t in the cards for Matt Barkley and the Bears.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: #30, -) – Reports are out now that QB Blake Bortles might not be the QB of the future in Jacksonville.

31. San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: #31, -) – Chip Kelly might be the next head coach on his way out. Could he be headed back to the college ranks?

32. Cleveland Browns (Last Week: #32, -) - :(