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Spring Football League Not NFL Run

It was reported earlier that the NFL was starting a spring league Not so fast folks.

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
All I want to know is will there be cheerleaders?
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

According to SiriusXM NFL Radio, the NFL will have a spring league in 2017.

The league is reported to be four teams comprised of veteran players who are free agents. Apparently this will run through the month of April with practices and six games to be played. Basically it appeared this would be the minor league team the NFL was reported to be thinking. This would give unsigned veterans a chance to show case their skills and make a final appeal to teams for new contracts.

If taken at first glance this appeared to be a NFL run operation, but it’s not apparently. It will take place at a place very familiar to Saints fans, The Greenbrier Resort. And run by The Spring League. You can follow that link to apply.

At least we will have something else to write about in the offseason, and hopefully have less manufactured, sensationalism type stories. Yeah, you are probably right. This won’t limit the imaginations of reporters like Jason La Canfora.

Story Edited with FAQs from home page:

1. What is The Spring League?

The Spring League, is an instructional league that was created in part to serve as a developmental platform and showcase for professional football talent. The Spring League conducts its season each year during the month of April.

2. Where does The Spring League take place?

The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia will serve as the official headquarters for The Spring League. The Greenbrier has served as the training camp and practice site for the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals. This NFL caliber facility features three outdoor practice fields (2 natural grass, 1 synthetic turf) along with a state of the art sports performance center that contains lockers, meeting rooms and an Olympic weight room.

3. How can I try out for The Spring League?

The Spring League was created in part to provide additional opportunities for players who may have been overlooked by the NFL, CFL and other professional football leagues. Those wishing to be considered for a roster spot in The Spring League must submit an online application, along with their stats and game film (if applicable), and pay the required application fee. The 2017 season is limited to 160 players.

4. How much is the application fee?


5. Is there a deadline to submit my application?

Yes. To be considered for the 2017 season, you must submit your application ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 31, 2017.

6. What does my application fee cover?

Every applicant will receive an formal evaluation from one of our personnel consultants, all of whom are former NFL scouts. You will then be assigned a grade; the top grades at each position will receive automatic invitations to participate in The Spring League.

Note: All practices and games conducted by The Spring League are open to viewing by employees of the NFL, CFL and Arena Football League.

7. Who is eligible to participate in The Spring League?

An applicant must have been eligible during a previous year's NFL Draft in order to be eligible for participation in The Spring League.

8. Will I receive compensation if I’m accepted into The Spring League?

Each player that is accepted into The Spring League receives housing along with a daily per diem.

9. How many teams are in The Spring League?

The inaugural 2017 season will consist of four teams.

10. How many games are in The Spring League’s season?

During the 2017 season, a total of six games will be played.

11. Is The Spring League affiliated with the NFL?

No. However, The Spring League provides all player data, including game film, roster information and statistics directly to the NFL league office. The Spring League hopes to establish an “official” relationship with the NFL in the future.

12. Are the games televised?

Yes. All games will be televised nationally.

13. How can I follow The Spring League?

The official website of The Spring League is On social media, you can follow The Spring League on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

14. Who are the coaches for The Spring League?

The Spring League has hired some of the best teachers and instructors in all of football. In fact, all of our head coaches, along with their respective staffs, have NFL coaching experience.

15. How many players are on a roster?

The Spring League utilizes a 40-man game day roster for its teams.

16. Are any of the rules in The Spring League that differ from the rules in the NFL?

Yes. The Spring League is committed to making the game of football safer for players at all levels. The League will utilize new technologies and experiment with existing game rules to demonstrate their effectiveness.

For the 2017 season, the following rule modifications will be in place:

Cut blocks are prohibited.

New Kickoff format: The Spring League utilizes a kickoff format which aims to reduce the likelihood of high impact collisions.

A unique overtime format will be tested.

17. Can I buy tickets to The Spring League games?

Tickets for each game are available on our official website and on our Facebook page.

Tickets go on sale February 1, 2017.