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New Orleans Saints fan pulse: Disappointment with a side of anger

We took to social media to get some of the biggest fan reactions after a disappointing loss.

NFL: Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s just call it for what it is. The New Orleans Saints put forth a lackadaisical effort against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, and it was evident. Nothing really went right for the team, and the performance was pretty atrocious. We asked fans the question on social media, What’s your honest feelings and mood with the Saints right now?

Here’s some of the best responses:

“Disappointed, basically. They are very up and down, as is expected with a team so young. I feel like their biggest opponent this season has been themselves, and it is really costing them.”

“Bad play calling, poor offensive execution and couldn't take advantage of the defensive plays that would have changed the momentum of the game. All I can say is they better beat Tampa next week cuz I have tickets to the game.”

“Bad teams, do bad things. Offense was horrible, defense had dumb plays. Good teams get the interceptions Cam and Sterling could've had as well as finish tackles. Rebuild time is now.”

“Disappointment. This team has so much talent but they can't put it all together on a consistent basis, and the garbage fire special teams have killed our season.”

“I don't want to see this team back into the playoffs. I want draft picks and coaching changes for Drew's last year.”

“It's hard to continue to be hopeful for out NOLA boys. U wonder how they can have such an awesome game one Sunday and then totally tank the following Sunday.”

“What a lame season. I love Drew but he can't carry the team & it would be nice to be able to afford to keep some of the other good players around.”

“They're not that good. And that has to be ok. We need to start hitting on draft picks and FAs for a change. I don't think their coaching is all that stellar either.”

“Very disappointed, we had control, still do with the South the way it is, however I’m almost to the start from scratch point.”

“Almost weekly they don't look prepared for the task at hand. Under coached. And they are getting poached by the refs too, both are tiring to watch.”

“They wore their throwbacks today and sure played like it.”

“PISSED! I'm tired of us not going to the playoffs! Something has to change. I will forever love my team but this is bs!”

“We're gonna go 7-9 again and fail to get another team changing pick. We need a new GM f*cking STAT. I'm almost ready to say we need a new coach also, and I f*cking love Sean Payton.”

“No passion or fire from the team in any phase today. They can get all fired up to play a 4 win Gregg Williams revenge game but they can't get fired up for a game that would have helped us get closer to our goal of making the playoffs. Accountability needs to be a factor moving forward. Enough of mediocrity.”

What say you?