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NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

Saints fall.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

1. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: #1, -) – Another week, another win. In fact, it was another close win that looked far from a sure thing, but a late score and defensive hold on a two-point conversion helped seal the game.

2. New England Patriots (Last Week: #2, -) – This backup QB from Michigan might really be something one day…

3. Oakland Raiders (Last Week: #3, -) – The Bills were coming in on a high and the Raiders were able to put them back in their place. My vote now for MVP is Derek Carr, and it’s not even that close.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: #5, -) – Even without Pro Bowl RB Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs have been able to keep pace in the AFC West. A win on the road against the Falcons helped cement their claim as one of the top teams in the NFL.

5. Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: #8, +3) – Seattle was able to bounce back in a big way with a statement game against the Panthers. Maybe Cam should have stayed on the bench…

6. Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: #4, -2) – Dan Quinn’s Falcons might be reeling. The Falcons might be doomed for another late-season collapse.

7. Denver Broncos (Last Week: #7, -) – This defense is legit and held QB Blake Bortles without a passing TD in the game.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: #9, +1) – Welcome back, Steelers. Pittsburgh got a convincing two-possession win over the Giants in the battle of superstar WRs.

9. Detroit Lions (Last Week: #11, +2) – Detroit is for real. A lot of people viewed their first place status as the result of a weak division, but they are in first place for a reason.

10. New York Giants (Last Week: #6, -4) – The G-Men are an inconsistent team right now, but the NFC Wild Card is still wide open.

11. Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: #16, +5) – Miami’s winning streak came crashing to a halt when Joe Flacco’s big game led to a blowout in Baltimore.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: #17, +5) – Back to the NFC Wild Card, the Bucs are no longer in the “flukey” win category. Three in a row, and they might be actual contenders.

13. Miami Dolphins (Last Week: #10, -3) – And now speaking of those Dolphins: bad games happen. Let’s see what the Fins can do to bounce back.

14. Washington Redskins (Last Week: #12, -2) – Washington’s postseason hopes are dwindling, and another loss this week to the Cardinals didn’t help.

15. Buffalo Bills (Last Week: #13, -2) – A loss to the Raiders brings up more questions about QB Tyrod Taylor’s future in Buffalo.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: #19, +3) – Vontaze Burfict is a beast. That is all.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: #14, -3) – There seem to be reports that Carson Wentz’s poor throwing mechanics have led to the team’s struggles. Is that true? No idea.

18. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: #15, -3) – Minnesota was able to keep it close against Dallas, but they still lost the game.

19. Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: #28, +9) – Andrew Luck was on fire on Monday Night Football and has catapulted the Colts back into the playoff hunt.

20. New Orleans Saints (Last Week: #18, -2) – Again, bad games happen. But when you lose winnable close games against the Giants, Raiders and Broncos, it makes games like this hurt your postseason chances even more.

21. Tennessee Titans (Last Week: #21, -) – One of the remaining teams left with a Bye.

22. Green Bay Packers (Last Week: #24, +2) – Green Bay won a game. Now let’s say if they can string a few together.

23. Houston Texans (Last Week: #20, -3) – The Texans are a team full of players who have failed to live up to expectations: QB Brock Osweiller, RB Lamar Miller, WR DeAndre Hopkins…

24. Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: #25, +1) – I have said it multiple times this year: the Arizona Cardinals are the most inconsistent team in the NFL. After a trouncing by the Falcons, they were able to beat the Redskins. Who knows what happens moving forward.

25. San Diego Chargers (Last Week: #22, -3) – The Chargers were just the latest team to be upset by Tampa Bay, and San Diego just doesn’t seem capable of keeping pace with the rest of their division.

26. New York Jets (Last Week: #24, +2) – It’s now going to be the Bryce Petty show. Let’s see what he can do. Surely it can’t be worse.

27. Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: #26, -1) – There’s no shame in a rookie QB losing to the Patriots. Unfortunately for the Rams, it doesn’t get any easier next week with a home game against the Falcons.

28. Carolina Panthers (Last Week: #27, -1) – There aren’t many examples of a team falling from grace so quickly. After playing in the Super Bowl last week, winning the NFC must seem like a distant memory for Cam Newton.

29. Chicago Bears (Last Week: #30, +1) – Chicago won! Granted, they played the 49ers, but still!

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: #29, -1) – I honestly feel bad for Jaguars fans at this point. This is not the season they were expecting.

31. San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: #31, -) – And now Colin Kaepernick is back on the bench. Oi vey.

32. Cleveland Browns (Last Week: #32, -) – Well… because they had a Bye, they didn’t lose, so that’s something, right?