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Lagniappe Thread: Saints Gumbo Has Gotten Stale

Two 7-9 seasons and this one headed who knows where. Might just be time to change a few things.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been with Canal Street Chronicles for a while, you probably remember my Lagniappe open comment threads. They were a way for us to gather together and talk about anything at all. Football related or not. SB Nation and CSC rules still apply so politics, thanks Jesus-1000 this election is over, and religion, Sorry Reverend Deuce, are off-limit subjects.

First let’s post a few basic rules:

  • The other SBN and CSC rules still apply. No racist, sexist, or personal attacks on anyone. It's vulgar in other venues, it's still vulgar here.
  • As well, no politics or religion talk. Nothing good can come from it.
  • If you think something is Not Safe For Work (NSFW), don't post it, link it instead.
  • Just because this is an Open-Topic thread, does not mean football talk is off limits! Just remember, keep arguments rational, and don't get personal. If you feel things are getting too heated, step away and take a breath.
  • No trolling. We don't want it, no need for it.
  • On that same vein as the previous rule, you may see some inside jokes. Don't assume you know what's what, make sure to find out what's going on before getting upset.

No swearing

My Gumbo recipe which you can find in this dated Lagniappe Post, is about as good as you’ll find and you’ll never go wrong following it.

The Saints Game Gumbo sure has gotten stale. Lots of comments about coach Sean Payton, GM Mickey Loomis, and even of future HOF QB Drew Brees lately. Defense and offense is inconsistent, special teams sucks, dead weight coaches on staff, blah, blah, blah...

Of course many of you started the team ripping the first couple of weeks in. Who knew? The offense is dated and everyone knows what’s coming is another popular one.

Another topic is the NFC South in general. Have the Buccaneers, tied for first in the division by the way, improved because of their coach or because of their GM’s wise decision making? Are the Atlanta Falcons set to make their typical end of season meltdown, here’s hoping? And what the H-E-double hockey sticks happened to the Panthers? I’ll tell you what I think. With their defense failing, Cam Newton has been exposed.

The Saints? Well that is what this lagniappe post is all about. Discuss what you think needs to happen. From top to bottom or any point in-between. Of course you can also talk about just about anything within reason, so let the party begin. BOD emailed me he has a fresh supply of both popcorn and Cutty Sark in and he is looking forward to jacking this thread all up.

BOD is always asking for recipes for sweets, so feel free to post any and all types of recipes you like.