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Should the Saints Trade Down in the 2016 NFL Draft?

To trade down, or not to trade down? That is the question.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There are a few options each team has regarding a selection in the NFL Draft:

  1. Select the best player available on the board,
  2. Select the best player available for one of your team's positions of need,
  3. Trade up using multiple picks for one pick earlier in the draft, or
  4. Trade down using one pick for multiple picks later in the draft.
So the question is posed to you, Who Dat Nation - would you prefer Option 2 or Option 4? Generally speaking, would you prefer to stay in the first round with the twelfth overall selection, or would you prefer to trade down, out of the first round, for additional picks later in the draft?

"It depends" is not an answer here. Obviously there are specific situations where one option is clearly the best. Maybe the best players on the board are all players the Saints don't really have a need for. Maybe someone who the Saints could really use falls to them at 12 when it wasn't expected. Maybe a team overwhelms them with a trade offer to move to 12. I'm not asking about those specifics. I'm asking generally: what do you wish the Saints do in the 2016 NFL Draft? Quality or quantity?

Vote in the poll. Explain your answers in the comments. Tell me who you hope the Saints draft. Tell me who you think matches up well with the Saints as a trade partner. Send me presents.