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CSC Community Q&A with Pat Swilling

Saints great Pat Swilling is taking questions from the CSC community

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Hey there, Saints fans! I'm über pleased and humbled to announce that Saints linebacker great and 25% of the legendary Dome Patrol, Pat Swilling, is taking some questions from the CSC Community!

Pat Swilling

Georgia Tech Linebacker Patrick Travis Swilling was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the 3rd round (#60 overall) of the 1986 NFL draft. Through 12 seasons and across three teams as a pro, Swilling played his first seven games (and the majority of his career) in the Crescent City. The 5x Pro Bowl, 2x First-team All Pro, 2x Second-Team All Pro, and 1991 Defensive Player of the Year served as ROLB for one of the greatest linebacking corps ever.

One quarter of Jim Mora's Dome Patrol, Swilling played alongside similar Saints greats Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, and Vaughan Johnson - a unit that was collectively elected to the Pro Bowl in 1992 (the only time this has ever happened).

Over the course of his stellar 185 game career, Swilling racked up 468 tackles, 36 forced fumbles, 107.5 sacks and 6 interceptions. For a more in depth look at Swilling's tenure with New Orleans, check out coldpizza's excellent Fanpost - Patrolling Canton: Where Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, Vaughan Johnson and Pat Swilling Stand Among the All-Time Greats.

Please leave your questions for Pat below and I'll forward them along after a couple of days. If you have to second guess the propriety of your question, that means I probably will as well and therefore won't send it to him. My suggestion - try to be topical and considerate as Pat will likely only have the time and patience for so many questions.

AKA - As always, no clown questions, Breauxs.

NOTE: Unfortunately and due to extenuating circumstances, Tom Payton is no longer able to participate in the CSC Community Q&A we posted last week. We apologize for this inconvenience but, alas, we hope this one will assuage any collective peevitude.