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Should the New Orleans Saints Bring Back Jermon Bushrod?

The Saints have holes on the offensive line, and Jermon Bushrod presents a familiar face to fill one of those holes.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Former New Orleans Saints left tackle Jermon Bushrod has been released by the Chicago Bears after failing a physical. Bushrod was a decent player for the Bears in 2014 before suffering a couple different injuries early in the 2015 season. After a concussion and shoulder injury against the Seattle Seahawks in the third game of 2015, Bushrod was realigned to a back-up role.

Bushrod had a great career with the New Orleans Saints from 2007 to 2012. He was a two-time Pro Bowler with the Saints, and a member of the 2009 Super Bowl XLIV championship team. While injuries are a concern, should the New Orleans Saints consider a reunion tour? It's highly likely his injury issues and age (he's turning 32 this year) would make him come cheaper than other free agents.

Dave and the crew discussed some of the Saints biggest needs, and there was an article on CSC last week on the same points. It is without question the Saints could use help on their offensive line, but the glaring hole is at the guard position, not at tackle. Bushrod does not have the brute power to be an elite Guard in the NFL, but he or current Saints LT Terron Armstead would be serviceable at either guard position. In the podcast linked above, it was discussed the Saints should consider adding two players for offensive guard - one via free agency and one via the draft. Bushrod has the veteran pedigree in free agency and could come cheaply, allowing the Saints to focus on finding another guard in the mid to later rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft.

So what says you? Should the Saints bring back Bushrod? Vote in the poll. Make sure you listen to the podcast for more analysis on the Saints positional needs. Also, if you have the time, donate $1 to the podcast so Dave's phone won't cut out. Oh, and send me presents.