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Report: Saints Will Likely Release Marques Colston

The move we all knew was coming, but never wanted to see...

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Triplett from ESPN is reporting that Marques Colston will be released in the near future...

While this is sad news if true, it's certainly not unexpected. In fact, this was one of the five moves I suggested the Saints could make to put them in better financial position for free agency. Colston's production has dropped off in recent years and with a contract worth $5.9 million, releasing him frees up about $3.2 million in much needed salary cap space.

Colston was drafted in the 7th round of the 2006 draft out of Hofstra and is the all-time franchise leader in receiving yards and touchdowns scored. To say he will be missed would be an understatement.

Drew Brees and Zach Strief are now the only two players remaining on the current team from that original 2006 squad.