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New Orleans Saints 2016 NFL Draft Prospect Watch: OL Connor McGovern

Missouri's Connor McGovern presents an intriguing option for Saints to draft and fill one of their holes at Guard. If the Saints could add a veteran Guard in Free Agency, McGovern would be a nice value pick in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

With the New Orleans Saints having the opportunity to chase the best player on the board at #12 overall in this year's 2016 NFL Draft, the Saints could be looking to find a quality starting Guard in the second or third round. One name mentioned by Mike Mayock for the Saints to consider is Missouri's Connor McGovern.

Mayock mentioned McGovern as a potential third round selection for the Saints and a lineman with experience at both Tackle and Guard. It should be noted that while McGovern has experience playing both positions at Missouri, he had more reps at Guard in the latter portion of his time there. With the Saints needing two good Guards in this year's offseason, McGovern will get looked at by the Saints as an interior lineman only.

Here are McGovern's combine results:

Height: 6-4

Guard/Center Avg.: 6-4

Guard/Center Rank: T-11th of 28


Weight: 306

Guard/Center Avg.: 308

Guard/Center Rank: 16th of 28

McGovern was shorter and lighter in the pads than the average Tackle, but when compared to interior linemen at the Combine, he's right around average.

Arm Length: 32 7/8 in.

Guard/Center Avg.: 33 in.

Guard/Center Rank: T-15th of 27


Hand Size: 10 3/8 in.

Guard/Center Avg.: 10 1/8 in.

Guard/Center Rank: T-8th of 27

Among interior lineman, McGovern's arms are just below average. (Among Tackles, McGovern would have the shortest arms among participants.) His hand size is a little above average for interior lineman, which is definitely a plus, and can off-set same of the deficiency he has in reach.

Bench Press Reps (225 lbs.): 33

Guard/Center Avg.: 25

Guard/Center Rank: 2nd of 26

Line Rank: 2nd of 45

And this is where McGovern really shined. He was able to to have the second best bench press total among all linemen (both interior and tackles), and was one of only nine total players at the combine to put up more than 30 reps.

While his size and reach are basically average for other prospects at the Guard position, McGovern's raw strength is superior than the majority of his peers. That kind of muscle would be a welcome addition to the Saints offensive line in both protecting Drew Brees and in opening up holes for the running game, Mark Ingram or otherwise. In any case, Connor McGovern is definitely a name the Saints brass will have on their radar heading into this year's draft.