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New Orleans Saints Release Brandon Browner

A cryptic tweet from embattled Saints cornerback Brandon Browner hints that he's been released by the Saints.

Brandon Browner may be a gone pecan...
Brandon Browner may be a gone pecan...
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This morning at 7:08 am, New Orleans Saints CB Brandon Browner sent out this tweet, which indicates that his time with the Saints may be over.

The Saints will be on the hook for $5,350,000 of Browner's contract, which will count as more dead money in addition to their already ridiculous dead money amount of $14.8 million. The Saints will only be saving about $950,000 this year with the move.

But Browner was a complete liability on the field, fans hated him, and his personality appeared to be a bad fit in the locker room. Let's not forget this was the guy who broke the record for most penalties in a season. And got in shouting matches with reporters in the locker room. And got in Dennis Allen's face on the sidelines during a game. And chose to take a cheap shot on an opposing blocker instead of tackling the runner with the ball.

Guess we can chalk it up to yet another terrible free agency signing by the Saints front office. I can't wait to see what gems the Saints find this year in free agency.

Browner also posted this longer message to fans via his Instagram account: