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2016 New Orleans Saints Kicker Confidence Poll

Josh Scobee & Kai Forbath. Feeling confidence?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After signing both Josh Scobee and Kai Forbath, the New Orleans Saints have two veteran kickers fighting for field goal kicking duties in the 2016 NFL regular season. This is before the 2016 NFL Draft, where kickers like Florida State's Roberto Aguayo await in potentially the fifth round.

So what says you, Who Dat Nation? Should the New Orleans Saints still look to add a kicker in the draft? Are you confident in one or both of the two kickers already in place?

It should be noted Scobee converted 6 of 10 FGs last season (easy math: 60%) and 6 of 7 PATs (not so easy math: 85.7%). Forbath, on the other hand, converted 9 of 13 FGs (69.2%) and 33 of 34 PATs (97.1%). Scobee's season-long in 2015 was 45 yards, and Forbath's was a career long of 57.

For reference, New England Patriot's Kicker Stephen Gostkowski converted 33 of 36 FGs (91.7%) and 52 of 52 PATs (100% for those of you keeping score). He also matched Forbath's career long last season with a 57-yarder.

Obviously, neither Scobee or Forbath are elite kickers, and neither should put peace of mind in Saints fans when they are getting ready to end regulation or send a game into overtime. But, maybe the Saints don't NEED an elite kicker when they have an elite QB. Maybe. No. They still do.