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Saints Only Have $5 Million in Salary Cap Space

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The Saints are the second-most cash strapped team in the NFL at this point in free agency.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
For those wondering where the team currently stands at this point in free agency, the New Orleans Saints have exactly $5,306,548 in salary cap space according to the NFLPA's official website. That's bad enough to make them the the second-most cash strapped team in the league. Only the Pittsburgh Steelers have less money to play with.

The NFLPA says the Saints have a total salary of $150,255,514 for their top 51 players, giving them the $5.3 million difference. Their figures are updated daily so that number should include Coby Fleener's new contract.

Hopefully the Saints are close to renegotiating a contract extension with Drew Brees which would free up a bunch of cap space this year and allow them to make a bigger splash in free agency. Unless and until that happens, the Saints won't be able to do much and will look to improve mostly through the draft.