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Draftmageddon 2016: The Drunk Hooker Returns VI

We're studying the 2012 and 2013 free agent acquisitions in this installment.

This may be the last we see of the star of the Saints' 2013 FA Class.
This may be the last we see of the star of the Saints' 2013 FA Class.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

This week's edition of the Drunk Hooker series brings us the collection of stiffs known as the 2012 and 2013 non-draft acquisitions, but before we delve into that mess, here's how we got to where we are now.

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And now, without further ado, get ready to meet the 2012 non-draft acquisitions!


Player/How Acquired

March 15

Signed FA G Ben Grubbs

March 21

Signed FA DT Brodrick Bunkley

March 23

Signed FA LB Chris Chamberlain (Aug 20 IR)

March 24

Signed FA LB Curtis Lofton

April 3

Signed FA LB David Hawthorne

And these guys came along in 2013...


Player/How Acquired

March 14

Signed FA CB Keenan Lewis

March 18

Signed FA TE Ben Watson

March 28

Signed FA LB Victor Butler

April 1

Signed FA DE Kenyon Coleman

April 8

Signed FA S Jim Leonhard

April 28

Signed UDFA TE Josh Hill

April 28

Signed UDFA OL Tim Lelito

Best of the Best


Good Get

Guard Ben Grubbs came to the Saints as a 28-year old in 2012 on a five-year deal for BIG $ after Carl Nicks got paid by the Buccaneers. He started every game for three straight seasons and made the Pro Bowl in 2013 before they traded him to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 5th round pick in 2015. BARELY a GOOD GET is about as good as it gets for him.

Keenan Lewis qualifies as another BARELY GOOD GET because he joined the team in 2013 for decent starter money, and has been a decent starter in the secondary when healthy. After starting all 16 games in 2013 and 2014, he only played in six games with one start in 2015 (after hip surgery - or was it sports hernia surgery? Or was that the secret surgery he had mid-season? - in early September) before going on IR with an MCL injury in November. In December he had surgery to repair a torn labrum, followed by another surgery in January. At this point, after at least three surgeries since training camp, this guy must be held together by nothing more than spit and bailing wire, and if we are expecting to get any more out of this chump who turns 30 in May, we're all fooling ourselves.

Ben Watson came in as an aging #2 TE to superstar TE Jimmy Graham. Once Graham was dealt to Seattle in 2015, he emerged to have a career year in starts, receptions, yards, and touchdowns, which led to the Ravens throwing $8 million over two years at him last week. I'll call this another BARELY GOOD GET since he put up JAG stats for two years before "breaking out."

Meh...He's a JAG

Brodrick Bunkley's a borderline JAG/DISAPPOINTMENT who arrived in 2012 on a decent aging starter level five-year deal to upgrade the D-line. He was OK on the horrendous 2012 defense, and then went downhill from there, although he did extend his career by restructuring his contract and then accepting pay cuts. He tore his quad and went on the IR late in 2014 and then took another paycut before getting cut last July.

Curtis Lofton came to the Saints in 2012 after the Falcons and the Buccaneers passed on him. He was full-time starter for three seasons, but rarely made any big plays and after a bunch of MEH they cut him on "failed physical" designation after they couldn't trade him in March 2015. This JAG couldn't even earn Shanle Syndrome protection.

Josh Hill, the young JAG TE who made the roster as an UDFA in 2013, was primed to break out in the absence of Jimmy Graham after his five-touchdown season in 2014. Well, then he let old-timer Ben Watson knock him aside, and now he's buried behind shiny object TE Coby Fleener on the depth chart.

Shayne Graham was the JAG kicker they brought in to replace the beloved FPK in 2013, and after a decent year in 2014, he lost the Saints' kicking derby in 2015 to a guy who didn't even last a full season with the Saints. Payton wouldn't know a good JAG kicker if he kicked him right in the jimmy while staring him in the face.

Uneven JAG Tim Lelito went undrafted, but landed a spot on the 2013 roster and is still hanging around (in a sense), as the Saints tendered the restricted free agent at "original pick" level on March 9. He notched a pair of starts while appearing in all 16 games for each of his first two years with the team, before making 13 starts in 2015 and has earned a reputation as a solid run blocker and a piss-poor pass blocker. As of now, of course, he's penciled in as a starter for 2016, so J1000 help us.

Former UDFA Khiry Robinson came into 2015 with potential and two noteworthy accomplishments on his otherwise MEH resume - a strong sequence of rushes to help win the 2013 playoff game vs. the Eagles, and bopping an intern on the head in 2015 training camp. He was on pace for career-high JAG backup running back numbers last season, when he broke his leg in November and went on the IR. After little to no interest from the Saints in re-signing him, he signed a one-year deal with the Jets last week.


DISAPPOINTING David Hawthorne came in to be a big run-stuffer at LB, but he couldn't do that well and then he was even worse in pass defense. Because the Saints LB corps is so pathetic, he managed to hang around and make 42 starts over four seasons before getting released in February.

Young LB Chris Chamberlain was a once-promising DISAPPOINTMENT who came in with DISAPPOINTMENT DC Steve Spagnuolo in 2012, but he wasn't healthy enough to get out of the preseason for two straight years and unseat Shanle Syndrome Beneficiary Supreme Scott Shanle.

Victor Butler/Kenyon Coleman/Jim Leonhard - One young gimpy potential starter and two aging JAGs brought in for FFRR's defense, but DISAPPOINTINGLY, they couldn't even get on the field for the Saints.

Drunk Hooker


* * *

Roster Round-Up

Gone: Brandon Browner, Rafael Bush, Khiry Robinson, Ramon Humber, Benjamin Watson

Big, Unnecessary Shiny Object Splash: Coby Fleener

Back In The Fold: Luke McCown, Travaris Cadet, Kai Forbath, Michael Hoomanawanui, Kyle Wilson

Missed Out On: All the best that 2016 FA had to offer at LB, G, and DT that were certain to lead the Saints back to the playoffs. We're doomed!

New Draft Interest: OSU S Tyvis Powell