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Your First Look at the Current Saints Roster and Depth Chart

There is still a lot of building to do but here's your first look at the 2016 team...

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

With so many additions and subtractions at the start of the league year and free agency, it's hard to keep track of who's still on the team and who has moved on. So here's your first look at the 2016 New Orleans Saints roster as it stands now. Obviously, there are more names that will be added to this soon, hopefully a defensive free agent or two plus an entire draft class.

It's good to view it this way because it's easy to see which positions still need some serious help and which ones are pretty set. What sticks out to you when you look at this?


Wide Receiver Tackle Guard Center Tight End
Cooks, Brandin Armstead, Terron Kelemete, Senio Unger, Max Fleener, Coby
Coleman, Brandon Strief, Zach Lemon, Cyril Hoomanawanui, Michael
Snead, Willie Peat, Andrus Seymour, Ryan Allen, RaShaun
Harris, R.J. Witzmann, Bryan Manhertz, Chris
Prater, Kyle Tabb, Jack
Bell, Reggie
Wynn, Shane
Fullback Quarterback Running Back
Johnson, Austin Brees, Drew Ingram, Mark
Opurum, Toben Grayson, Garrett Spiller, C.J.
McCown, Luke Cadet, Travaris
Murphy, Marcus
Hunter, Kendall
Ballard, Vick


Defensive End Defensive Tackle
Jordan, Cameron Jenkins, John
Barnes, Tavaris Davison, Tyeler
Gwacham, Obum Virgil, Lawrence
Richardson, Bobby Eulls, Kaleb
Brown, Austin
Mabry, Ashaad
Anthony, Stephone
Ellerbe, Dannell
Kikaha, Hau'oli
Edebali, Kasim
Mauti, Michael
Tull, Davis
Cornerback Safety
Breaux, Delvin Byrd, Jairus
Lewis, Keenan Vaccaro, Kenny
Swann, Damian Sunseri, Vinnie
Williams, P.J. Harris, Erik
Dixon, Brian Darby, Alden
Wilson, Kyle
Carter, Tony
Dixon, Brandon

Special Teams

Kicker Punter Long Snapper
Scobee, Josh Morstead, Thomas Drescher, Justin
Forbath, Kai