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Stand Up and Get Funk: Where's the New Orlean's Music in the Dome?

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The Saints serve as important ambassadors of New Orleans, so why aren't they championing more local music at their home games?

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I am a proud Saints season ticket holder and reside in the glorious section 602. I sit with several friends each game, and depending on who is in town, our group fields at least three or four 610 Stompers who bring life and excitement to the entire section. Each time we score, they gather together and perform synchronized choreography to the Atlanta-based Ying Yang Twin’s hit "Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk)." Their timely performances have become so anticipated that, any time we score, all eyes in 602 bare down or up -depending on where you are sitting- at this hilarious group of ordinary men with extraordinary moves. I love the "Crunk" touchdown celebrations and I certainly agree with the over 80% of Saints fans polled in 2013 that this song should stay in the repertoire.

In high scoring games, however, like last year’s game against the Giants when we heard the song seven times, I found myself wondering, "Why don’t we feature more New Orleans music in the Dome on game days?" Outside of Fats Domino’s "When the Saints Go Marching In", Stop Inc.’s "Second-Line Part II", and Pantera’s "Walk", New Orleans music plays a limited roll in game day playlists, which are set in advance of each game.

I graduated from Loyola University with a degree in Music Industry Studies and can tell you first hand that New Orleans has the richest and most diverse music scene in the world. When we have literally thousands of amazing local recordings to choose from, why would we not showcase our city’s talent more?

Instead of the tired "Second-Line Part II", why not "Do Watcha Wanna" by Rebirth Brass Band? I love Fats Domino and don’t think his song should leave the playlist, but why not add "I Believe Saints Go All the Way" by Irma Thomas or "We Are New Orleans, We Are the Saints" by my fellow Loyola Music grads Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes? There are many Saints inspired songs written by local artists and some of them are pretty awesome. Let’s use them!

The Saints do a good job of playing different songs for certain game situations, and each off-season they take polls from the fans to see what songs they want played. The majority of songs used, however, are from non-local artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, Blur, Bush, and Metallica. I know everyone has different musical tastes, but if the lyrics are clean and the song pumps the crowd up due to the situation in which it’s played, I think Saints fans would be more open to changes in musical programming that include the plethora of local talent at our disposal.

Here are some situational songs I thought would really get the crowd going:

1) Mounting a comeback? "Yes We Can" by Lee Dorsey

2) We just intercepted the ball? "Right Place, Wrong Time" by Dr. John

3) The running back breaks off a big run? "Breakaway" by Irma Thomas

4) A player goes down with an injury? "Heal My Wounds" by Corrosion of Conformity

5) We make a great hustle play? "Heart of Steel" by Galactic

6) We are back on offense? "Let’s Go Get Em" by Bo Dollis, Monk Boudreaux, and Rebirth Brass Band

The New Orleans artist discography is so deep, we could easily go an entire season without even repeating a song. I know the Saints organization and most fans don’t want that much change, and I value tradition in the Dome as much as the next fan; but I do want to illustrate how much we have failed to use Saints games as another way to share our rich musical history with our fans and, more importantly, with the thousands of visiting fans who will go back home with tales of their Dome experience.

I brainstormed some more local hits that I would love to get crunk to in the Dome. Try thinking of and posting songs you would love to hear, and maybe we can send a list to the Saints organization!

1) "Big Chief" by Professor Longhair

2) "Tailgate Ramble" by Preservation Hall Jazz Band

3) "Walk with Knowledge Wisely" by Crowbar

4) "Hurricane Season" by Trombone Shorty

5) "I Heard" by Big Freedia

6) "Shake on That Stick (Monkey)" by KC Red

7) "Get Ready, Ready" by DJ Jubilee

8) "The Wham Dance" by Cupid

9) "Feel Right" -clean version - by Mark Ronson and Mystikal

10) "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" by Jessie Hill

11) "Hand Clapping Song" by The Meters

12) "My Boy" by Courtney Heart and Magnolia Shorty

13) "Iko Iko" by The Dixie Cups