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Saints Unveil Addition To Their Uniform For 50th Anniversary Season

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For the first time in a decade, the Saints will wear a commemorative patch on their jerseys for the entire season.

The New Orleans Saints recently revealed the logo to commemorate their 50th anniversary of existence in the National Football League, and yesterday the commemorative patch was unveiled as well.  This patch will be worn on the left shoulder of every jersey this season.  Here is the first look at the patch:

As you can see, it is slightly modified from the official logo, yet retains the core element of the classic and elegant design, by simply removing the franchise name and anniversary dates.  The patch is a welcome addition to one of the best looking uniforms in the NFL.

The Saints haven't worn a patch on their jersey for the entirety of a season since the 2006 "rebirth" season in which they wore this iconic Saints patch during one of the most memorable seasons in franchise history.

State Patch

The Saints have worn various patches on their jerseys for different short-term occasions including the Gene Upshaw memorial "GU" patch in 2008, the International Series patch for their London game in 2008, and the two most famous and beloved patches were worn in 2010 at Super Bowl XLIV and the 2010 Regular Season opener against Minnesota when they wore the Super Bowl XLIV Champions patch for the first game.

Anniversary patches are not without precedent for the Saints as they wore this patch during the 1991 season for their 25th anniversary:

25th patch

As well as this patch during the 1996 season for their 30th anniversary:

The 50th logo clearly has more flair then the 25th, but is less distracting than the 30th, so it would seem the franchise struck a nice balance to commemorate this important anniversary.

The Saints will celebrate their 50th anniversary all season long, and hopefully there will be a fair share of wins to celebrate along with it.  It took over 40 years for the Saints to finally join the NFL's championship franchises, and now at year 50 let's all hope the next 50 years see even more success ahead.