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Stop the Panic: Saints QB Drew Brees Restructure Not a Necessity

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The rants and the raves. Why hasn't Drew Brees been restructured. Relax fans. While it is expected at some point and would be a welcome outcome, it's not a necessity.

We love our Midget!
We love our Midget!
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard it all lately. Why doesn't Drew Brees help the team. How much money does he need. Makes lots of money from sponsors and endorsements. Even ones some call into question. Link. Trade him. Cut him. (I mean Seriously?!?!) We're broke. And, possibly the most important one, what are we going to do about the rookie pool?

Lets start with some cold, hard facts, The NFLPA has the New Orleans Saints cap space as $1,298,215. Contract details on James Laurinaitis, Nate Stupar,and Jamarca Sanford have not been released yet. Do they figure in the updated cap report from the NFLPA? I really don't know at this time, but it seems reasonable that they are. We had better than 5 mil in space on 3-13-2016 before the players were signed.  The contract for Stupar is a reported 3 year, 5 mil deal. Of that 1.075 mil counts against the 2016 cap. You can get the full "reported" contract details thanks to Nick Underhill here.

If James Laurinaitis receives the vet minimum for 2016 it would be $885.000. Of that under the vet minimum benefits rule, only $680,000 would count against the cap. I doubt this applies to Laurinaitis. The contract will probably be for more than the minimum and more in the 1 year show me category, or possibly a longer deal to spread out the cap hit. Jamaraca Sanford's 2015 contract for example was for $745,000 with a $80,000 signing bonus, and only counted $665,000 against the 2015 cap. Bear in mind, signing all 3 players also knocks 3 of the lower paid players out of the top 51. This would eliminate $581,433, and would take care of most of Sanford's contract.

But what about the rookie pool? Let's start with the Brandon Browner June 1 release designation. That frees up 2.25 mil, or enough to sign our 1st round pick. We need a little less than 1 mil to sign our 2nd round pick, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th round picks (we have no 6th this year) fall under the top 51. So while an extension for Drew is likely and would greatly help, it is not a necessity. You can read what you want with Mickey Loomis' recent comments, "Drew is under contract", but don't expect this to be rushed into by the organization. We've all heard Drew say the Saints are his team and he doesn't want to go anywhere. Sean and Mickey say Drew's our QB. The cold hard facts are contract extensions this season, especially for QBs of franchise caliber and JAGs has been ridiculous. This will probably be Mr. Brees final contract, at least with our Saints, and you can expect both his his agent and Mickey Loomis to drag this out to lock up the best bargain for both parties.