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Saints Mailbag Answers: Should the Saints Sign James Laurinaitis or a Wide Receiver Stud?

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Below are answers to reader questions submitted Thursday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

How much faith do you have in Drew Brees to be like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers in being able to continue to turn no-name wide receivers into offensive playmakers? Or do you think the Saints should be looking for premium talent at pass-catching positions? - Chris D.

Would it be nice to have another top tier receiver on the roster to all but ensure the Saints offense continues to operate at a high level? Absolutely. Is it necessary? No, I don't think so. As you noted, Brees has always been able to make chicken salad out of chicken s***. We saw that in 2015, when the Saints didn't really have anyone special catching passes yet still led the league in passing yards per game. Of course that's because of Brees' talent and ability to spread the ball around.

But more importantly than all of that, it's not worth wasting all-important free agency money or early round draft picks to add a premium pass-catcher at the expense of adding defensive talent and/or depth. Fixing the defense, first and foremost, should be the main goal in everything the Saints do this offseason.

Why should the Saints sign James Laurinaitis? He forced ONE fumble in 112 games. The draft seems loaded with front 7 talent and there are plenty of OL and TEs available in free agency that could be had at a decent bargain. Why spend the money on a LB coming off of his worst season especially if he isn't creating turnovers? - Ryan E.

They probably shouldn't. The turnovers aren't necessarily that much of a red flag. You mention the one forced fumble in 112 games, but you don't mention that one forced fumble actually happened last season. So it just depends on how you want to look at it. But Laurinaitis has been a MLB his entire career and the Saints have their MLB for the foreseeable future in Stephone Anthony. So bringing in Laurinaitis means he'd have to play somewhere else, most likely on the edge. I am not a fan of fitting square pegs in round holes; bringing in players and trying to get them to play a different position or style. The Saints haven't been great at that, probably because they don't have the great positional coaching, particularly at linebacker, that allows them to successfully transition players to new positions.

Dave, Huggies or Pampers? - Metry M.

We're a Pampers family through and through. We discovered that early on with my oldest son. We've tried other brands, but they're all inferior to Pampers. Side note: did you know I'm always willing to accept free diapers in exchange for ringing endorsements and a little free publicity. *wink* I'm looking at you, Pampers.