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Should the New Orleans Saints Match the Chicago Bears Offer to Tight End Josh Hill?

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The Bears have signed a 3-year deal offer sheet to Josh Hill.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have signed a 3-year offer sheet to Restricted Free Agent Tight End Josh Hill. The financial terms have not been revealed, but it would cost at least $1.67M per year for the Saints to match the Bears offer and keep the tight end in New Orleans. Currently, the deal is thought to be "close" to the $2M per year point.

The Saints have already signed Coby Fleener to a pocket-busting $36M deal this offseason and retained the services of Michael Hoomanawanui. The New Orleans Saints also have a league-lowest $1.3M in cap space, and this is before the contract of LB James Laurinaitis is processed and without the announcement of the Craig Robertson deal. The New Orleans Saints would essentially double their cap space by not retaining Josh Hill, with Hill's salary officially coming off the books.

Josh Hill has had a decent career in New Orleans as a special-teamer and second (or third) tight end in the Sean Payton system. Hill spent all three years of his NFL career with the Saints after going undrafted out of Idaho State. To date, Hill has logged 36 receptions for 340 yards and 8 touchdowns. Unfortunately for Josh, even after the Jimmy Graham trade, he was never given the opportunity to really thrive in a starting role.

Hill has the knowledge of the Saints playbook, familiarity with the system, and the potential for stardom. He could also come relatively cheaply (especially compared to the Coby Fleener deal), but the Saints are already pinching pennies. So should the Saints match the Bears offer to keep Josh Hill in New Orleans in 2016? Vote in the poll. Send me presents.