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CSC 2016 NFL Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans Select Leremy Tunsil

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It might not be the sexy pick, but it is the smart one for Tennessee.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In what might be considered the most obvious (and boring) of picks in the first round, the Tennessee Titans select Ole Miss Offensive Tackle Leremy Tunsil with the first overall pick in the 2016 CSC Mock NFL Draft.

The Titans had a clear need on the offensive line heading into the 2016 NFL offseason, and arguably the best player on the board when the Titans are on the clock fits that need perfectly. CBS Sports lays out the strengths and weaknesses of Ole Miss's Leremy Tunsil:

STRENGTHS: Good size and length for the position. Finely tuned athlete with tremendous balance and change of direction to appear effortless in pass-sets. Light feet and flexible joints in his kick-slide to handle speed, coming to balance on the move and staying square to rushers.

Sinks and anchors to strengthen his core, withstand rip moves and hold his ground at the point of attack. Peppers defenders with strong hands, quick punch and rapid recoil to load up and strike again. Keeps his elbows inside for an accurate strike zone. Coordinated feet with blocking range to routinely eliminate defenders at the second level and on the perimeter, sealing linebackers downfield and staying on his feet.

Physical mind-set and always looking for someone to block. Doesn't play with complacency. Smart and quickly picks up defenders on delayed blitzes and combo blocks. Scored his only career touchdown in his final game, showing off body control and soft hands. Mature makeup and carries himself with a positive attitude.

WEAKNESSES: Room to add more bulk and get stronger. Shows the core power needed when he can sink and square, but not as stout with defenders off his edge.

Overeager at times and needs to stay patient to not get ahead of the play design. Needs to eliminate the false start penalties and stay focused through the whistle. Doesn't always play as mean as his intentions.

Arrested (June 2015) following a domestic dispute with his stepfather (charges eventually dropped), which led to NCAA investigations. Suspended for the first seven games of the 2015 season for accepting impermissible benefits and for not being "completely forthcoming" when initially questioned by the NCAA.

Routinely banged up over his career - missed 2013 bowl game due to left knee sprain (December 2013); missed two games due to a partially torn right bicep (October 2014); suffered fractured right fibula and dislocated ankle in the bowl game that season, which required surgery and sidelined him for 2015 spring drills.

The Titans offensive line ranked as the 6th worst offensive line last season by Pro Football Focus. The player receiving the worst grade on the Titans offensive line by PFF was fellow OT Jeremiah Poutasi. Replacing Poutasi with Tunsil will not only help protect franchise QB Marcus Mariota, but also help open up holes in the running back for newly acquired former Cowboys/Eagles RB DeMarco Murray.