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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Cleveland Browns Select Jared Goff

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With the 2nd pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns (represented by quickdrawdoc) select...

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Goff, QB, California

But, but, but... Most of the mockers are mocking Carson Wentz to the Browns!

I wince at Wentz.


"I wish somebody would start some rumor to get (Jared) Goff to fall in the draft. Let's get that small-hand talk going! We would take him tomorrow. He's the best quarterback in this draft and it's not as close as the media is making it sound." -- NFC executive

I agree. Someone somewhere started some rumor that Carson Wentz is da man. In fact, I bet you can find 3-4 talking heads bandying about superlatives of his measurables and abilities. Look.

No offense to Wentz. He was decent at North Dakota State.

In two seasons as a starter there, Wentz posted 4,762 yards passing for 42 TDs and 14 interceptions (3:1), and a quite dandy 936 yards rushing (with 12 TDs). He also basically completed right around 63% of his passes against FCS competition over that time.

At 6'5" and being among the NFL combine leaders for QBs at the 40 yard dash, broad jump, and 3 cone drill, I can see how the 23 year old (24 during the 2016 season) would pique the interest of analysts (and some scouts).

Enter Sandman. Sorry, Goff. Enter Goff.

Jared Goff (aka Ryan Gosling's soul brother) has steadily improved as a passer over each of his 3 years as a starter at Cal. For the sake of comparison, over the past two years Goff threw for 8,687 yards and 78 TDs to 20 interceptions (~4:1) against FBS competition.  Like Wentz, Goff threw for around 63% over that time as well.

The 6'4" Goff has a big arm - and not shy about taking shots downfield, is highly adept at moving in the pocket, and generally makes good decisions. While he's had some fumble issues and while he'd likely prefer to forget his 5 interception campaign against Utah, Goff is an intelligent QB with a lot of potential who I agree compares favorably to Matt Ryan.

The RG3 signing notwithstanding, I think Cleveland finally hits on a franchise QB selecting Goff at #2.

And if not? It's Cleveland.


Thanks to all the CSC members who participated in this year's community mock draft. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

Below are the complete results from our community mock draft.

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Pick Team
Selection Team Representative Approval Rating
1 Tennessee Leremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss Chris Dunnells
2 Cleveland Jared Goff, QB, California quickdrawdoc
3 San Diego GhostofHD
4 Dallas Tee Word
5 Jacksonville SxSnts9
6 Baltimore Lostastic
7 San Francisco BlackandGold4ever
8 Philadelphia
9 Tampa Bay RyanAb9
10 New York Giants Johnny BeGood
11 Chicago NOLASaintsBeast
12 New Orleans Dave Cariello
13 Miami
14 Oakland Chris Dunnells
15 Los Angeles Rams quickdrawdoc
16 Detroit Khannar
17 Atlanta
18 Indianapolis NOLASaintsBeast
19 Buffalo
20 New York Jets RyanAb9
21 Washington
22 Houston Tee Word
23 Minnesota
24 Cincinnati coldpizza
25 Pittsburgh WhoDat365
26 Seattle Matt Mosley
27 Green Bay Johnny BeGood
28 Kansas City coldpizza
29 New England (Forfeited) Forfeited pick --------- --------
30 Arizona Matt Mosley
31 Carolina
32 Denver ThaiDai3