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Why the New Orleans Saints Should Sign WR Mohamed Sanu

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Mohamed Sanu would be a perfect fit in New Orleans.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Most Free Agent prospective-signing articles have been entitled "Should the New Orleans Saints Sign Player X." As shown in the distinct title for this article, this case is different. Former Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Mohamed Sanu would be a perfect fit into the New Orleans Saints offense.

With Marques Colston's release now official, and Brandin Cooks and Willie Snead being the only two trusted named on the depth chart, the Saints need obvious help at the wide receiver position. Brandin Cooks can be a difference-maker no matter where he lines up, with speed to get past the secondary, athleticism to make a play on the ball, and the hands to bring the ball in securely. What Cooks lacks in height at only 5'10," he makes up for in speed and route-running.

Willie Snead is only an inch taller than Cooks, and seems to be more of a Lance Moore-esque slot receiver. Brandon Coleman has elite size at 6'6" and showed flashes of his potential, but we need to see more consistency before he can get crowned as the heir-apparent to Marques Colston.

Mohamed Sanu is only two inches shorter than Marques Colston at 6'2," but is also six years younger. Sanu, the second or third option in the Bengals receiving corps behind A.J. Green and occasionally Marvin Jones, had a mediocre season in 2015, with only 394 yards and no touchdowns (adding an additional 71 yards and two touchdowns rushing). This "down" season will help keep Sanu as a cheap options for the Saints to consider, although he has shown as recently as the 2014 season he can handler a bigger workload when he finished with almost 800 receiving yards.

Sanu also has arguably better hands than Colston, dropping only one of his catchable passes all of last season. Sanu and Colston had roughly similar average completion lengths at 11.8 and 11.6 respectively, but Sanu had a slight upper hand in YAC coming in at an average of 6.4 yards after the catch compared to Colston's 4.3.

Mohamed Sanu presents a quality receiving option at a reasonable price for the conscious Saints to plug-and-play to start the 2016 season.