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Should the New Orleans Saints Consider a Reunion with Lance Moore?

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Another member of the 2009 Super Bowl Champs is a pending free agent. Should the Saints bring back one of Drew Brees' favorite targets?

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In a previous article, New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Willie Snead was called "Lance Moore-esque." Why have the "-esque" when you could have the real deal? Should the Saints bring back the OG Lance Moore?

Lance Moore, a member of the 2009 Super Bowl Champion Saints team, played for the Detroit Lions in 2015. Playing in 14 games, Lance finished the year with only 337 yards. His average yardage per reception last year was 11.6, the lowest since his 2010 season with the Saints, but he also caught four touchdowns, his highest total since 2012.

Lance is a the perfect slot receiver. He uses his route-running and ball-awareness to always be right where his Quarterback expects him. He also has sure hands (with zero dropped passes last year) and was known during his career in the Crescent City as being an always-reliable third down option. In New Orleans, Lance and Quarterback Drew Brees converted first downs from third downs at a rate of 54.4% of targets. This is one of highest career percentages of any NFL wide receiver.

In addition to his hands, route-running, and knowledge of the playbook (having spent the first 8 years of his career with the Drew Brees/Sean Payton duo), Lance also has great football instincts. Look no further than this famous 2-point conversion in the Super Bowl to see what I'm talking about.

Lance brings more of the same to New Orleans: a small-bodied wide receiver who fits well in the slot. What the Saints truly need at the position is a wide receiver with the size advantage and athleticism to make big plays. Whether the Saints sign or draft that receiver, or they believe Brandon Coleman to fill that role in 2016, Lance would be an option as a fourth wide receiver to present depth to the position.

So what says you Saints fans? Vote in the poll. Send me presents. Let's all watch the Roddy White drama continue to unfold.