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New Orleans Saints Top Free Agents Wishlist

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Here is a list of names Saints fans should familiarize themselves with heading into the 2016 NFL Free Agency period.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

While every team would love to add a Von Miller or Kelechi Osemele, the Saints have limited resources with a lot of holes to fill. As such, the Saints options in Free Agency are limited. With the NFL naming the Top 100 free agents of the 2016 season, here are a few names the Saints would be considering this offseason (if the price is right, of course):

7. Mario Williams - Buffalo Bills Defensive End

16. Derrick Johnson - Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker

25. Chris Long - Los Angeles Rams Defensive End

39. Ladarius Green - San Diego Chargers Tight End

46. Travis Benjamin - Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver

52. Richie Incognito - Buffalo Bills Guard

62. Mohamed Sanu - Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver

65. Rishard Mathews - Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver

66. Jermaine Kearse - Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver

79. Patrick Robinson - San Diego Chargers Cornerback

89. James Laurinaitis - Los Angeles Rams Linebacker

91. Rueben Randle - New York Giants Wide Receiver

94. Benjamin Watson - New Orleans Saints Tight End

Are there other players the Saints would like to consider? Sure. But whether because of contract demands or organizational options, the Saints simply cannot make offers to every free agents out there. Check out the list above, though. It wouldn't be surprising to see at least two of these names suit up in New Orleans to start the 2016 regular season.