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Benjamin Watson Reaches Deal with the Baltimore Ravens

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The only Saints free agent on NFL Top 100 Free Agents List has found a new home.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While a new deal cannot be officially announced until Wednesday at 4PM ET, former New Orleans veteran Tight End Benjamin Watson has reached a deal with the Baltimore Ravens, per ESPN. The details of the contract are clearly not known at this time.

Watson had a career year in New Orleans last year with 74 catches for 825 yards and six touchdowns. While the Saints lose his veteran presence in the locker room, Watson was on the wrong side of 30 (actually 35 heading into the 2016 season and will be 36 at season's end). With the Saints already bringing back Michael Hoomanawanui on a three-year deal (both are coincidentally former New England Patriots), Watson's loss hurts but moreso on a personal level than on a professional football level.

Watson had a great year in New Orleans off the field in 2015 as well, being named as one of the five finalists for the NFLPA Man of the Year award. He also released a book in November of 2015 entitled, "Under Our Skin: Getting Real About Race--And Getting Free From the Fears and Frustrations That Divide Us," with Tyndale House Publishers.

Just like Benjamin Watson was able to soften to blow of the loss of Jimmy Graham, hopefully Michael Hoosdfnskdwe can have a similar effect.