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What New Orleans Saints Fans Should Expect from Nate Stupar

Get ready for a whole bunch of, "Eh. OK."

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We caught up with The Falcoholic's own Dave Choate for his reactions to the New Orleans Saints signing Atlanta Falcons free agent linebacker Nate Stupar:

So first thing's first, were you surprised to see the Falcons not bring Nate Stupar back for 2016?

Very. He was a core special teamer for the Falcons the last couple of years, and he was a surprisingly effective linebacker when he played. Given the team's weakness at linebacker and Keith Armstrong's preference for veterans he trusts on special teams, I thought a deal would get done.

Why should Saints fans get excited about the Nate Stupar signing?

If your special teams suck, Stupar will help a lot. He's a very capable, useful player there. And if your linebackers aren't great, he's probably going to become one of your favorite reserves very quickly. Just a solid, lovable player. Scrappy! Gritty!

Fair enough, but why shouldn't Saints fans get excited about it?

He's not going to magically transform into a great starting linebacker or anything, in my opinion. If you let your expectations get out of control, you'll be disappointed.

Here's the most important question: Is the player we saw in Atlanta the best player Stupar could be, or is there still room for improvement?

There may be some small room for improvement, but you're getting a guy who shouldn't be a full-time starter at linebacker unless you don't have other options. He'll be an excellent special teamer and capable backup, though, as I mentioned, and maybe he can be even better in those two roles than he was in Atlanta.

Thank-you, Dave #2, for taking the time to answer our questions about Nate Stupar. Saints fans - make sure you check out the work of Dave #2 and the rest of his team over at the Falcoholic, and follow Dave on Twitter @TheFalcoholic.