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Bond Set in Will Smith Murder

A New Orleans Magistrate has set the bond on Cardell Hayes.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Cardell Hayes has had a bond set at $1 million dollars earlier today. Generally speaking, for Hayes to be released pending a possible trial, he will be looking at paying approximately $100,000.

Hayes will likely be represented by criminal defense attorney John Fuller in this case.

To add to further conflicting reports, the warrant for Hayes's arrest indicated Will Smith was shot in the back and right torso.

New details are also slowly arising involving a potential hit-and-run with Hayes's vehicle earlier in the evening. Reports state that Hayes was the victim of a hit-and-run and was chasing down the car that hit him while on the phone with the New Orleans Police Department. Whether Smith's Mercedes was the car that hit Hayes, and/or whether Hayes believed Smith's car to have hit his car earlier that evening are both unknown.

As always, we will continue to update with more information as it is available.