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One Man Down: Honoring Will Smith On the Field

Honoring Will Smith should be handled in a classy and emotional way. New Orleans Saints fans and the Who Dat Nation need the players in the NFL brotherhood to stand tall for the fallen.

Captain. Teammate. Brother
Captain. Teammate. Brother

Hello Who Dat Nation. As we mourn the loss of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith, I thought of a fitting way to honor the fallen captain. A patch, a moment of silence, or dedicating the season to Big #91 would be classy moves from the organization.

On a player level, those things don't speak to the brotherhood or bonds built through sharing a life experience with an individual. NFL players always speak about the connection felt due to the common experience of coming up through high school, then college, and finally the NFL. They speak about just getting it and holding a certain respect for the work of getting to the highest level in their sport. Evidence of this respect was shown almost immediately after news broke of Smith's murder. Former teammates and even foes responded to his death with grief.

Current Saints players will undoubtedly stand tall in the moment and honor their Black & Gold brother. I have a suggestion for that moment or even moments. It is jot innovative or unique, but it is definitely a high honor. I suggest that the first play of EVERY defensive series of the 50th New Orleans Saints season begin with 10 players. One snap each week in honor of the Fresh Prince of New Orleans!

When the Washington Redskins defenders honored Sean Taylor, it was a moving moment. I want that for Will Smith, in fact, I beg that our Saints salute him in this way. Even though most of the players on or soon to be on the Saints roster have never shared a locker room with Smith, as a fan, I need this from them. I need to see Kasim Edebali play his butt off every snap he's in, I need emotion bro! I need Drew Brees flying down the field after his first TD pass and pointing his finger to the heavens. But what I need most is the first snap on defense to begin without 1 Saints player. Who Dat Nation needs at least that moment to reflect on the fallen and lift him up in honor! Do it for Will Smith guys!

Rest Easy Big Will!