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Jim Harbaugh Has Saints QB Drew Brees for Career Day

The ultimate career day speaker can be added to Drew's long resume.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh, former NFL Quarterback and former coach of the San Francisco 49ers, used New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl QB Drew Brees for his daughter's career day. As if a former NFL player, former NFL coach, and current NCAAF coach isn't enough?

It was an interesting move to say the least. Harbaugh is the current coach of the Michigan Wolverines, and the children in the class photo can be seen wearing Michigan hats. Notably absent as Drew's replacement were QB Colin Kaepernick (Harbaugh's franchise QB while in San Francisco), QB Andrew Luck (Harbaugh's Heisman runner-up QB while at Stanford), or QB Matthew Stafford (the current starting QB of Michigan's only NFL team - the Detroit Lions).

Granted, if I got to pick between the three options above or Drew Brees, I know who I'd be most excited to see, Saints-fandom aside. So maybe that was Harbaugh's thinking. Maybe Good Guy Drew just was stopping by to do a favor. Maybe Coach Harbaugh really wanted to stick it to whichever ever parent had to present next (imagine having to follow Drew Brees!). Or maybe Harbaugh is starting his recruiting really, really, really early - some of those third graders can really make some moves on the playground.