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NFL Rumors: Color Rush Uniforms for Next Season Leaked?

Earlier this offseason, Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood teased that the NFL and Nike would be debuting Color Rush uniforms for all 32 teams in the NFL this coming season. While this hasn't been confirmed, another piece of the puzzle fell into place this afternoon on Twitter.

The NFL and Nike launched the Color Rush initiative last season
The NFL and Nike launched the Color Rush initiative last season

At 3:25 PM ET, the Twitter account @NFL_Leaks posted a picture allegedly leaking Nike's plans for 30 teams' Color Rush uniforms. Although the authenticity of the photo cannot be verified, prior to posting the photo, the account tweeted that it would be unveiling "this entire Color Rush Color Scheme sheet that employees got two weeks ago."

While fans are right to be wary of what some accounts tweet out, this account does seem to have a solid track record of leaking information before it is released to the public. Before the 2016 schedule launched on Thursday, the account posted leaks of several games that all ended up being on the official schedule released by the NFL that day.

If you zoom in on the top righthand corner, you can see the Saints' alleged color for their monochromatic threads next season. If this picture does prove to be true, it means that at least in one game next season New Orleans will sport gold tops on gold pants, with matching Nike cleats and gloves to top it off. It would be a unique look, one that is sure to draw the ire of some fans.

Besides the Saints' new combination, the style sheet features a few other wacky pairings. The Baltimore Ravens' color scheme, at least according to this, will feature the colors of Maryland flag incorporated in it and the Cincinnati Bengals will apparently feature their Bengal Tiger-stripped pattern on them.

The Color Rush initiative was much maligned after a few questionable uniform combinations last season. Nike caught a lot of flak after the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Thursday Night game last season featured the Bills sporting all red and the Jets wearing all green. As was later pointed out, around 6% of men in the US are red/green colorblind. This caused a big issue for some people, who could not differentiate between the two sides. As you can see in the video below, to red/green colorblind fans, both sides looked the same.

Later in the season, fans lamented the choice of having the Rams and Buccaneers wear all yellow and red. With the news that the Color Rush plan would be coming back, many fans are hoping that Nike opts for more sensible choices.