Raider fan reps Saints in Mock Draft

I posted a comment on this but didn't get much feedback. I'm repping the Saints in this mock on Sunday at Silver and Black Pride and need to know what you guys want AND need in the draft, and do the best I can. This is a 4 round mock, we can trade players and we can also trade picks (but only those inside the first 4 rounds including comp picks).

1- How do you expect your draft to go, and what do you think would be the best way to do it (fan-favorite prospects and needs)?

2- Are there guys that really fit your system that jump out, and guys that really wouldn't fit and they wouldn't make any sense?

3- Would you mind trading up or down in this draft? If so, who would you think be worth it?

4- What are the positions that you really, really need to address in this draft and cannot go untouched?

5- Are there players Saints fans would mostly agree on trading that would net you a 1st to 4th rounder that I could try and trade?

Thanks in advance Saints fans, I hope this time you do answer me lmao. I'll post the results I get later here so that you can evaluate it yourselves.

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