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Drew Brees is Saints Quarterback For Now: The Importance of the 2016 NFL Draft

Drew is our QB says Saints GM Mickey Loomis. But for how long? This years draft is so important, and Drew's future with the Saints is largely unanswered. Let's take a look at some cold, hard facts.

For the "Team" Mr Brees.
For the "Team" Mr Brees.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard all the lip speak: I want to play in New Orleans. The Saints are my team. Drew is our quarterback. Yet for all the "Word Speak," a contract extension is a still unresolved issue. Let's look at some of those cold, hard facts.

Mickey Loomis has moved enough money around, as usual, to get the Saints under the cap. Even so, we still need about another $2.5M to sign the rookie draft class. With the Brandon Browner June 1st designation, we almost have enough to cover this after June 1st.  So as I've previously stated, a Drew Brees restructure is not a necessity.

Most of us love Drew, and the thought of losing him after 2016 is unspeakable. Or is it? This years QB contracts and extensions around the NFL have been downright ridiculous in this author's personal opinion. Yet it has made bargaining with Mr. Brees a tactically difficult proposition for Mr. Loomis. You would think with Sean Payton's contract extension that it is a foregone conclusion. Maybe not.

This would be Drew's last real shot at another big contract. I can understand why he is after the most money he can get. But this is a team sport. We thank Mr. Brees for 2009, and all the memories of his tenure here, but he can't do it again by himself. The Saints rewarded Drew for 2009, setting the bar for those now ridiculous QB contracts. Now it just may be time for Drew to make his own concessions for the best of the team.

The 2015 draft was a step in the right direction and this years draft is one of the most important for the future of the New Orleans Saints. They really need to knock this one out of the park on defense, for the future success of whoever is the quarterback going forward.

The Broncos, and to some extent the Panthers, showed last season that defense still can win championships. Drew can't carry the team by himself. Their dismal defenses of recent years have plainly showed that. Without Drew Brees as the QB in 2017, the Saints would have almost $60M in cap space. As ridiculous as it might seem, letting Drew test the market in 2017 might be the right way to go. That would probably mean he is gone. I'm sure someone would offer Drew amazing money which the Saints should not match.


You heard me right. With $60M, the Saints could sign just about anyone they want in 2017, and with the right supporting cast (I'm talking defense here), the Saints could even go forward with Garrett Grayson.

I don't see them drafting the QB of the future this year. The market is just not that deep. Next year could be another story. Sean has a few things to prove also. He would probably get another pass if we do not make the playoffs this year, but then he must prove he can coach a winning team again, with or maybe most importantly, without Drew Brees.

As with the military Drew, "Thank you for your service." If you really want to remain a New Orleans Saint, it's time to show your team spirit. If not, please take my best wishes going forward, wherever that might be. No, I'm not in the great decline faction, but it is obvious Drew can't do it alone. And lets face the facts. As great as he is, he never could. I applaud Mickey for not bowing to the pressure to get a deal done, no matter the cost, and would hope he sticks to this philosophy.

So what do you think fans? Have I lost my bleeping mind? Would this be the end? I'm sure many have thoughts on this, so answer the poll and discuss in the comments section.