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Fall-Out for the New Orleans Saints After Losing Free Agent Josh Norman

Could the Saints still improve their team in the long-run, even after Josh Norman signed elsewhere?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

After the Carolina Panthers removed the franchise tag on Cornerback Josh Norman, Norman was reportedly deciding between the New Orleans Saints and the Washington Redskins. Norman eventually signed with Washington at $15m per year.

When the report first came out that the Saints were even an option, many Saints fans and football pundits alike were scratching their heads, wondering where General Manager Mickey Loomis was going to come up with the cash for a potential deal. The only answered seemed to include the white whale of this year's Saints offseason: a Drew Brees contract extension/restructure. Turns out - that was absolutely the case.

So what does that mean for the contract status of Drew Brees? Does this make a Brees extension more or less likely now that the Saints missed out on Norman? That's left to be determined, but at least we know Drew is willing (under certain circumstances) to work out a deal for the Saints to add players around him. Let's hope Loomis parlays this into further contract negotiations.