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Drew Brees Won't Trust NFL as Sole Authority on Discipline

Saints QB Drew Brees sounds off on 'Deflategate' and a lack of clarity and transparency on part of the NFL when meting out discipline.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

In an interview with Sports Illustrated todayNew Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees stated, "I'm not going to trust any league-led investigation, when it comes to anything". His statement was in reference to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the League's apparent unilateral disciplinary imperative, particularly regarding the reinstatement of Tom Brady's suspension for part of 2016 in connection to 'Deflategate' allegations.

From the interview -

"I think we would all agree that he definitely has too much power," Brees said. "He is judge, jury and executioner when it comes to all the discipline. I'm not going to trust any league-led investigation, when it comes to anything. It's not transparent. At times, I feel like there is a desired conclusion or agenda that they have in mind and that may prevent the absolute truth from being told or the absolute facts from being presented. At the end of the day, we as the public. We as players don't ever get to really see that. We don't get to see those facts, those truths and those things. That's the unfortunate part of this whole thing."

In 2015, The Patriots were docked a 2016 1st round and 2017 4th round draft selection, assessed a $1 million fine, and Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games (which was vacated due to legal deficiencies). On Monday, the League successfully appealed the vacated ruling, thereby reinstating his suspension.

In response to the NFL's appeal, the NFL Players Association released the following statement -

"The NFLPA is disappointed in the decision by the Second Circuit," the NFLPA said in a statement. "We fought Roger Goodell’s suspension of Tom Brady because we know he did not serve as a fair arbitrator and that players’ rights were violated under our collective bargaining agreement. Our Union will carefully review the decision, consider all of our options and continue to fight for players’ rights and for the integrity of the game."

Sports Illustrated concluded with Brees proposing a dispassionate third-party be involved in all NFL disciplinary proceedings.