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Top 5 New Orleans Saints of All Time

Everyone has a Top 5 list - here's NFL Media's Elliot Harrison's. What's your's?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Everyone has one. Everyone thinks their's is the best. Everyone thinks anyone who's different is stupid for feeling that way. And no, we're not talking about preferred 2016 US presidential candidates.

Top 5 New Orleans Saints Players of All Time List

All fans have thought about it their own list, or debated their list with fellow fans. NFL Media's Elliot Harrison has released his Top 5 All-Time Saints list, with what's bound to start discussion. Here's his list:

  1. QB Drew Brees
  2. LB Rickey Jackson
  3. OL Willie Roaf
  4. LB Sam Mills
  5. QB Archie Manning
Notable exclusions included the recently-released former New Orleans Saints WR Marques Colston and OL Jahri Evans. LB Pat Swilling and K Tom Dempsey are also missing from Elliot's Top 5. Granted, it's impossible to fit everyone into a Top 5 list - that's the very nature and reasoning of making such a list.

But what says you, Who Dat Nation? What do you think of Elliot's list? What's YOUR list of Top 5 All-Time Saints? Tell us in the comments. Send me presents.