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CSC Top 5 All-Time New Orleans Saints

Time for it to be settled once and for all.

Elsa/Getty Images

With so much discussion over the Elliot Harrison's Top 5 All-Time Saints, maybe it's time for the good people of Canal Street Chronicles to set their own Top 5 list. Here's the way it will work:

All realistic potential candidates for a Top 5 All-Time New Orleans Saints list will be listed in the poll by position. The poll will stay open for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the player with the most votes will be made #1 on CSC's Top 5 list. A new article will go up the next day, with the remaining players (and any write-ins from the previous poll). After another 48 hours, the player with the most votes will become #2 on our list, and so on.

There is no criteria for voting - it is completely arbitrary. You can take into account on-field performance, off-the-field performance, impact in the 2009 Saints Super Bowl, or any other relevant point that is personal to you. However, only PLAYERS (not coaches, assistants, or front office personnel) are considered.

Canal Street Chronicles Top 5 All-Time Saints:






And so, let's begin with what should be a fairly easy first vote. Of the players listed below in the poll, who is the best All-Time New Orleans Saints player?