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2016 NFL Draft Grades Report Card: New Orleans Saints Overall Grade Out "C+"

Slightly above average is OK, right?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

To view individual grades for each day of the 2016 NFL Draft click the links below:

Day 1 (Round 1) : A

Day 2 (Rounds 2 & 3) : C-

Day 3 (Rounds 4 - 7) : D

The New Orleans Saints came into the 2016 NFL Draft needing to eventually add a Defensive Tackle, a Defensive End, two Guards, a Wide Receiver, a Cornerback, a Safety, a Linebacker, and a Kicker. Count that as 9 holes to fill, but the Saints only had 6 picks to use, so obviously not every need was going to be addressed. At the end of the day, and with trade-ups tacking away picks (one pick this year, and one pick for next year), the Saints were able to address 3 of the 9 holes on the roster, most notably not selecting a Guard during the entire draft.

If my grade were based solely on whether or not the Saints got "value" in their picks, I would most likely be forced to say yes for all except one, and that one is an unknown (the David Onyemata pick). But the issue is not whether or not the Saints were able to snag quality players in a bargain draft slot, but also whether or not the Saints were able to grab quality players at bargain draft slots in positions of need. It is that added caveat that pulls a grade of B+ to C.

In my professorial discretion, I am bumping the Saints a half-letter grade from "C" to "C+" after it was announced the Saints added UNC Guard Landon Turner (plus four additional offensive linemen). I refuse to go all the way up to a "B-" or "B," as there is going to be a lot of pressure put on unproven and undrafted rookies heading into camp, assuming the Saints stand pat in free agency.