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Jairus Byrd Named "Best" Player Saints "Could" Cut This Offseason

Could we be nearing the end of Jairus Byrd's tenure in New Orleans?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Bleacher Report listed the "Best" player each team could cut this offseason. Obviously, there are a lot of issues with a sentence that uses arbitrary words like "best" and "could."

Bleacher Report says:

The attempt here is to forecast each team's best player who might get a pink slip in the coming months. In some instances, we used the term "best player" somewhat loosely. It could be someone who has underachieved to date.

Well Drew Brees "might get a pink slip" this offseason. It's highly unlikely. But it might happen. Would he not count as one of the "best" players the Saints "could" cut? If we are simply looking at the "most likely" Saints player to get cut, how about all of those undrafted free agents the Saints just signed? Maybe that one isn't fair, but what about then RB C.J. Spiller? Yes, I know Mickey Loomis has gone on record saying we will see the "real" Spiller this year (whatever that means), but couldn't he still get cut? What about Zack Strief? An aging Offensive Lineman whose play has drastically declined of late.

In any case, after the selection of Safety Vonn Bell out of Ohio State in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Bleacher Report says it's former Buffalo Bills Pro Bowler Jairus Byrd who could be getting the boot.

Byrd's two seasons in the Big Easy have been hard to swallow. A total of 17 games has added up to two takeaways. This was a player who came up with 27 turnovers in five seasons with the Bills

Hard to fault that logic. What do you think, Saints fans? Is Jairus Byrd a potential cut-target for the Saints still this offseason?