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New Orleans Saints Sign Veteran Wide Receive Vincent Brown

A veteran presence has been added to the young group of Wide Receivers in New Orleans.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

After bringing in multiple veteran wide outs to a tryout for the New Orleans Saints last week, the Saints have reportedly inked one to a contract: former San Diego Charger Vincent Brown.

Of the three names originally mentioned to be trying out (Brown, plus Hakeem Nicks and Denarius Moore), apparently the Saints liked what they saw in Brown over the others. Nicks was the oldest of the group (only by one year), but had the most proven track record. Brown, at age 27, presents a question mark about 2016 productivity coming off a season where he logged only one catch for 22 yards.

His lack of production last year - and frankly, his subpar production over the course of his career - should hopefully make this signing come relatively cheap. No contract details have been announced.

For what it's worth, in a poll to Canal Street Chronicles readers about which of the three (Nicks, Moore, or Brown) you would like to sign the most, Brown received the lowest total, with only 6% of the votes.