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Oddly enough, most here will agree that the Saints did a great job signing undrafted free agents after this years draft. Of these UDFAs, which player or players do you see as possibly making the final roster? - Russty G.

Oddly enough? I'm not sure why you use that term. The Saints have always done a great job in undrafted free agency. That's pretty well agreed upon in Who Dat Nation. But to answer your question: Landon Turner, without a doubt. Partly because he is supposed to be a steal in free agency and probably should have been drafted, and partly because both guard positions are wide open for the taking.


If Drew Brees were to suffer a season ending injury during preseason who would you prefer to start Week 1? a.) Luke McCown -€” presumably giving them the best chance to win. b.) Garrett Grayson -€” in order to definitively determine what you've got there moving forward. c.) newcomer via trade -€” Mike Glennon being the best "expendable" name that comes to mind, though Tampa may not be willing to trade within the division. d.) newcomer via free agency -€” assuming the Fitzpatrick situation is sorted out by then, Josh Freeman? Jimmy Clausen? Johnny Manziel?!! -coldp.

If it was Week 13 and the Saints had a losing record, I'd say it's time to see what Grayson's got. But if we're talking about Week 1 then the Saints, like every other team in the league, are starting with a clean slate. Everyone's Super Bowl dreams are a possibility at that point. That being the case, I think you've got to go with the guy that gives you the best chance to win, which I would say right now is Luke McCown just as you said. He knows the system and the playbook way more than any newcomer would. Nor would I want the Saints to give away any assets in the way of money, players, or draft picks, just to get a temporary fix. And he showed last season that he actually ain't that bad. And if the McCown project is an obvious failure, by all means please put in Grayson.


Cooks, Willy Willie and chummies...think that explain why I'm still mentioned around here? - Andy T.

Honestly, Andy T., the only person around here mentioning you is some weird-ass French dude who speaks broken English and nobody even likes him anyway.


Who would you most like to see banished to the North beyond The Wall in The Game of Thrones: 1. ColdPizza, 2. Stujo, 3. FatPunkKicker, 4. Phillinwood, or 5. Josh Hill? - Ben D.

Is Game of Thrones the show that comes on before Silicon Valley? I really like that Silicon Valley show.


What home Gameday Giveaway promotion would YOU most like to see them do this season? - H.D. Ghost

They are all terrible. Let's be honest, if you've got to give away something to 80,000 people, it's gotta be something cheap.


Do you think the Saints really need another WR? - Dan K.

I mean, it would be great if there was some way the Saints could land another quality wide receiver. What offense couldn't stand to improve from the addition of a pass-catching threat? But nobody available now, including the recently signed Vincent Brown, is going to make much of a difference on the field during the regular season, if they even make the team.


What are your thoughts on the kicking karousel? - H.D. Ghost

I actually discussed this very topic on the last episode of the Saints Happy Hour Podcast, which never recorded because of technical difficulties so no one ever heard it. What frustrates me most is that the Saints could have solved all of their kicking problems in 2014 by either drafting or signing Cairos Santos from Tulane. He was right under their nose and he should have never been allowed to leave the city. Santos, a Lou Groza award winner in 2012, was obviously talented. And he had already spent four years kicking in the Superdome! It annoys the hell out of me that they let him get away.

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