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Terron Armstead Ranked 2nd Best Young Offensive Tackle in League by Pro Football Focus

The Saints young OT is one of the top players at his position in the game.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have extended OT Terron Armstead for five years at $13 million per year, making him the second-highest paid New Orleans Saints player on the roster (behind only QB Drew Brees).

In case there were any fans out there who doubt Armstead's ability or worth, Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus ranked the Top 5 Young Offensive Tackles in the NFL. All players on the list were under age 26. Terron Armstead, the youngest on the list (who only turns 25 this summer), came in at the second spot.

...Armstead had a major breakout season last year and was our third-rated tackle on the season, grading well both in pass protection and in the run game. Armstead allowed 20 total pressures over the season, and the Saints were able to average 5.8 yards per carry running to the outside of his blocks in the run game. Armstead hasn't graded negatively over a full season since coming into the league, but more importantly, has improved each season, and could get even better next year. In 2015 he didn't have a single "red" (or poorly graded) game, and only dipped into average performances three times.

Armstead's contract makes him the second-highest paid offensive lineman in the entire NFL, and is tied with Cordy Glenn of the Buffalo Bills, who came in right behind Armstead at #3 in PFF's list.