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Which Saints player from each decade would you add to the current roster?

Having some fun and giving new meaning to the term fantasy football.

George Rose/Getty Images

In the most recent edition of our Saints mailbag CSC member coldpizza asked a fun question that I thought would be better to open up to the community.

If you could choose one former Saints player from each decade i.e., one from the 1960s, one from the 1970s, one from the 1980s, one from the 1990s and one from the 2000s (2000-2009) to START on the current team, what five players would you select and why? Assume that as long as they played at least one regular season game in a given decade, they're eligible to represent it. Also, what five players would you release to make room for them on the roster?

If you need some help remembering former players, I recommend referencing the Saints all-time roster found on the team's official website.