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What is your all-time favorite obscure New Orleans Saints play?

Do you have a play you could watch over and over again?

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

I got into a conversation with a fellow New Orleans Saints fan, and we got into a discussion of our favorite New Orleans Saints play of all time.

For obvious reasons, Tracy Porter's game-sealing interception of Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl was the number one choice. To even get to Porter's interception, we have to talk about "Ambush," the onside kick to start the second half. By proxy, Garrett Hartley's field goal in overtime against the Vikings and Porter's pick of Favre to force overtime (both in the NFC Championship Game) were up there in importance. Steve Gleason's blocked punt in the Saints' return to the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina will always have a special place in our hearts as Saints fans.

All of those seemed kind of obvious, though. What about your favorite play outside of those? Is it when Az-Zahir Hakim muffed the punt? Mike McKenzie's interception of Tom Brady in his first game back for the Saints? Tom Dempsey's record-breaking FG? Stephone Anthony's returned extra point? Drew Brees sneaking it into the endzone and dunking the ball over the posts against the Dolphins in a come-from-behind victory? Are you a masochist and you loved Aaron Brooks's backwards pass?

To me, it will forever be Robert Meachem's strip and touchdown against the Washington Redskins.

But that's just me. What about you? Don't cheat and pick Gleason's block, Porter's pick, or Ambush. Tell us in the comments.